October 25, 2004

Half the time...

I've often found myself wondering how certain people can just have their stuff together. I'm not talking about having a wonderful job or a big and fancy house, I'm talking the little things here.

I would like to know how someone is able to keep their house clean.

I went to my sister's house this past weekend and I was amazed at how clean it was. I mentioned it to my sister and she informs me that it is actually "A mess" and she "Can't wait to clean it."

Huh? How is it a mess? Her house on its messiest day is cleaner than mine on its cleanest.

I guess it is my personality to do things half-assed. Running multiple blogs? Half-assed. Trying to have a child and outside interests? Half-assed. House work? That isn't even half-assed.

So, here in my half-assed entry, here's a "shout out" to the people who have their "stuff" together. I commend you.

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